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Monthly Notices And Queries

2007 Archive of Queries
Contact:  Glen Foster of Maine
Glen is looking for the death date of his great grandfather - Marsden.
Foster, born ca 1818 in Aylesford, NB; married three times and is either Methodist or Baptist. Was in the 1891 NS census but is believed to have moved to New Brunswick when his son Hibbert Foster was married 23 July 1891 in Marysville, NB. I found his marriage to Louise A Chapman - Microfilm F13658, Nbr 1715.
Contact:  Christine (Brown) Draisey
Could you please give me an idea of where to start looking for information about my great-uncle who emigrated to St. John, NB but not until 1925? Unfortunately, his surname is a common one - BROWN. He was born William Gordon Brown, July 19, 1875 in Liverpool, England, was single when he left there, and was a cashier / bookkeeper by trade. Are there any indexes to deaths or probate? Or, does the Society undertake research?
Pictures of Saint John From the 1890's
Contact:  Elizabeth Johnsen
Would like to know if anyone who attended October Branch meeting has any old pictures of Saint John (from the 1890's), I am looking for the house my great grandparents Andrew and Mary Baxter McVey lived in on 34 Paddock Street. I believe it was on the right hand side going down hill to Waterloo St. The museum had a photo of the area, but it didn't show that house.
Copy of the Book About the Irish Catholics in Kings and Albert Counties
Contact:  Mr and Mrs Raymond O'Connor
We are trying to locate a copy of the book about the Irish Catholics in Kings and Albert Counties called Good Green Hope.
New Articles For Generations Magazine
Contact:  Mary Rosevear, Editor of Generations
Generations Email:
Looking for new articles or information on a genealogy book you have read or web site you have visited.
Looking for Diaries or Memoirs by Former Teachers or Students
Contact:  Frances Helyar
I am a PhD Candidate at McGill and all that's left to finish the degree is to wrap up my research, analyze it and start writing.  One thing that's missing from the information I've collected is the words of teachers and students from the 1920s.  In order to fill the gap, this week I'm putting an ad in all the New Brunswick dailies and weeklies.
I'm looking for diaries or memoirs by former teachers or students about New Brunswick high school history class after World War I and up until about 1920.  Do you know anyone who might have such a document in their family?  My hope is that they would share a photocopy with me.  It would really help make my dissertation the best it can be.
I'm hoping you'll ask around; perhaps someone you know knows someone who knows someone.  Any help you can give me would be gratefully accepted.
Trying to Find Record of Christopher Ruppert
Contact:  Elaine Anderson
I am trying to find record of Christopher Ruppert, born 1753 who fought for Great Britain during Revolutionary War.  He left South Carolina for New Brunswick in 1782 and settled on land grant lot # 770 in town of Saint John.  He had a wife and two children.  I need their names and what became of all of them.  I will be so greatful for any information.
Rees Lloyd Roberts
Contact:  Ian Davies
My great uncle Rees Lloyd Roberts left Llanfairfechan, North Wales from Liverpool on the Empress of Britain on the 22nd March 1912 to emigrate to Canada and docked in St Johns NB.  He worked as a miner at this moment in time.  I have no idea where he lived in Canada but I do know that on the out break of World War 1 he joined up in Edmonton in January 1915 and joined the 49th Bt CEF (Alberta Reg).
My query is there any way I could find out his final destination and whom he may have worked for?  Many Thanks for you time and help.
John Colwell
Contact:  Sylvia Hamm
Email:  hammtree@
Sylvia is looking for the parents and any related information about:  John COLWELL b 1785 (father said to be UEL); d 3 April 1863 Carleton, NB (Saint John West); m 1 Oct 1804 Queensbury, York Co., NB by Rev. Fred Dibblee Mary HUTCHINSON b 1784 ("of UEL descent"); d 26 Nov 1860 Saint John, NB.  The family raised at least 6 children in Carleton (Saint John West), three of which married into my HAMM family.
Muster Rolls for the 84th Regiment
Contact:  Calvin Lee Criag, UE , Certified Genealogist (Canada)
Email: or
I appeal to anyone knowing the location of Muster Rolls for the 84th Regiment, 2nd Battalion for the period 1 Jan 1779 to 24 June 1782.  It is extremely important to locate these Musters.  Many of the usual and most likely repositories have been checked with negative results.  Copies of the documents cannot, as yet, be found!  The 2nd Battalion served during the Revolutionary War, (1775-1783), at various locations in Atlantic Canada, and during 1779-1782 five Companies served in NY and "the Carolinas" - Charleston, Wilmington, Monck's Corner, Eutaw Springs, etc.  These five Companies were attached to other larger British Regiments or Units.
I would greatly appreciate if you would review your records, sources and Contacts, (Historians/ Researchers/ Records Custodians, etc.).  The finder of the missing Musters will certainly be "Mentioned in Dispatches" and will be a friend of mine forever!  I will most willingly reciprocate data which I have acccumulated regarding the 84th and Loyalist Settlers over the past 20 years.
I earnestly appeal to you or anyone knowledgeable on the subject, to contact me if they have any clues or key information that will lead to positive results being achieved.
Mary Burns/Murray
Contact:  Mary Coventry
Researching Mary Burns/Murray who was born in Ireland c1817 and immigrated to Canada in 1825.  She married Edward Murray 27 May 1836 at Trinity Church in Saint John, N. B.  This was a second marriage for Edward.  He and Mary had a large family. James Murray born in 1840 was my great-grandfather.  Mary died in 1890 in Saint John.  Looking for any information on the location in Ireland of Mary's birth, and of any descendants of Mary Burns and Edward Murray.
William Thomas Sims
Contact:  Kay Slodecki
Kay obtained a copy of her great grandfather's birth certificate and discovered that his father was William Thomas Sims, born c1833, in St. Johns (sic), New Brunswick, America.  She is aware that there is a St John's Church in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA, but there is a "rumour" that our family had a French-Canadian connection.  The only other information she has on William is that he at some time prior to 1853, traveled to England and married Caroline Cox.  They emigrated to NSW, Australia, some time before 1863.  William died in 1902, and was buried in the Rookwood Church of England Cemetery, Sydney, NSW.
Joseph Patrick Scott and Mary McDonald
Contact:  Joseph W. Scott
Joseph Scott is the grandson of Joseph Patrick Scott and Mary McDonald both of the Saint John NB area.  While his grandparents were still living in Canada they had three children, his father, Joseph Francis and his aunts Alice and Mary (Margaret).  They emigrated to Milford Massachusetts, shortly after my father was born in Nov 1924, probably about 6 months after.  Joseph has been unable to find any birth records of his father but did find census records for his grandfather and grandmother and also those of his grandmother's parents, Stephen McDonald and Isabella Williston.
Joseph has found that his grandfather was born in 1899 and was adopted by a family named Conlon according to the 1911 census.  Joseph is hoping to find out more about his origin, parentage etc.  Can you suggest any sources, perhaps specific newspapers covering St. John, Moncton, from the years 1890- 1925, that may provide some information?  Mr Scott realizes that answers to this inquiry may require research beyond the range, time and interest of the person reading it, so any clues, pointers in the right direction would be most appreciated.
Isaac Parker
Contact:  Karen Parker-Galvin
Roger Parker traces his linage back to his g-g-g-grandfather Isaac Parker who married Phebe Kingsley 7/9/1810 in Calais, ME.  They had 5 children:  Capt.James Madison Parker, Sarah Parker-Dorman, Elizabeth Grayson Parker-Mitchell, and Samuel Parker, Roger's g-g-grandfather.  Phoebe was from Steuben, ME and Isaac was listed as from Robinson, ME.  I believe that Samuel Parker was buried in St. Stephen's Oak Hill cemetery in New Brunswick, Ca.  It is interesting that Roger is participating in the Parker DNA project and has validated a strong/positive link back to John Parker of Greater Burstead England and therefore Roger's emigrant ancestor must be either Capt. James Parker or one of Capt. James brothers e.g. Abraham, Joseph, John, or Jacob.  These 5 brothers emigrated circa 1635.  We are trying to identify Roger's link.  Any help appreciated.
Like to Hire a Researcher
Contact:  Anne-Julie Maltais
I would like to hire a researcher capable of finding any information about my biological Grandmother.  This is the information that I have collected about my biological Grandmother (my mother's mother) that came from an official document that my mother received after she has requested information about her past.
My biological grandmother's name was Mils or Miles.  Don't know if it's her last name or her husband last name.  Her first name is unknown.  Mrs Miles was from New Brunswick and we think that she was from an upper middle-class family.  We think that her family sent her to Montreal when she got pregnant.  She is Catholic.  Mrs Miles gave birth to my mother Sunday, February 2, in 1947 in the Royal-Victoria Hospital Montreal when she was about 19 years old.  Mrs Miles status:  married - separated (split-up).  It is written that she split-up from her husband soon after the wedding.
My mother's birth certificate indicates legitim childso.  We assume that Mrs Miles showed a wedding certificate.  My mother was baptized in presence of Mrs Miles and her sister on February 18, 1947.  Her name at that time was Marie Blanche Rose Martine Miles.  Her mother has visited her until April 1947 or February 1948.
She may have studied in McGill University in between 1943 and 1947.  We don't know her field or if she has graduated.  Her husband is a military from U.S.  He was between 22 to 24 years old.  We don't know if he knows that he had a child.  He is Protestant.  My mother got adopted when she was 20 months old on October 9, 1948.  Before that, Mrs. Miles came to visit her three times.  From 0 to 20 months old, my mother stayed in a family in Montreal.  Mrs Miles never signed papers for adoption.
Elizabeth Simpson
Contact:  Mrs. Gibbs
According to the census records here in England, my Great Great Grandmother was born in St John, Canada about 1831.  Her name was Elizabeth Simpson before her marriage to my Great Great Grandfather Samuel Freeman.  He was English.  I don't know how they met or when or where they married.  They had a son born in 1850 in Dublin, Ireland.  They eventually settled in Somerset in England where my Great Grandfather was born.  I wonder if you could tell me where to look for any records there might be, as I keep going round in circles and find nothing.
Eliza Powers
Contact:  Richard Powers
New Brunswick Courier May 5th, 1849:  Dead in River Philip, NS, Monday 30th April, Eliza Powers, wife of John Powers, age 28.  Her remains were brought to Saint John city this morning in Steamer Saxe Gotha for interment.  Funeral Monday 4 o'clock from residence of Mr Powers' father, Thomas Powers, Leinster Street, Saint John, NB.  John Powers is my great grandfather who married a second time in River Philip, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia on February 16th 1852, to Cynthia Black.  One of their children, Thomas Powers is my grand father who moved to Quebec Province.  I don't know anything about his father Thomas Powers, his wife and possible other children living on Leinster St, in Saint John.  I am asking your help to find all possible information about Thomas Powers and his ancestors.
Contact:  Colleen Dalton nee:  MacIsaac
Researching MacIsaac/Cyr: My father, John MacIsaac, is the cousin of Joseph Cyr who was the doctor that had his identity stolen during the Korean War.  Dad remembers that there were three boys in the family including twin boys.  Dad is almost certain that Joseph was one of the twins.  Dad remembers them being from Edmundston NB but now I know that he also lived in Grand Forks (Falls?).  John MacIsaac is from Schreiber, ON and spent his summers in Cape Breton with relatives.
John McCaul
Contact:  Patricia McCaul
I am looking for the birth or family of John McCaul born 10 July 1838, possibly Saint John, NB and his parents were James McCaul and Sarah?  John was adopted by a Cornelius Fleet (per Fleet's will in 1887) and resided on the Fleet farm in Granville, NS until his death in 1912.  According to some records, he was born in Annapolis, NS but they have no record.  Other records state Saint John, NB.  Do you have any such name or family info?  He may have been a descendant of Duncan McCaul/McCall.  Also, I am trying to locate a marriage abt. 1861 between this John McCaul and "Bethire/Bethias maybe last name Thomas.


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